WHY GeneWorks™ !

GeneWorks™ is a full performance training, fitness, and wellness provider, offering a dynamic approach to improve your lifestyle. We offer genetic testing services to help you reach your fitness and health goals with accuracy and precision. For over a decade our high tech high touch approach have been providing advanced fitness training programs and sports nutrition to fitness lovers, athletes and anyone in between based on our 3 key essentials, that when mastered are guaranteed to effectively help you achieve your fitness goals for life.



Performance Improvement ®

Our training specializes in movement stability development using your body 4 systems. We believe it is almost impossible for anyone to attain top physical condition without developing the 4 core training systems; dynamic flexibility, functional strength, cardio endurance, resistance training. We help you improve every aspect of your physical performance to achieve your best.

The Good Life

We created the most effective way to enhance your health, manage weight lost and keep you focus and energized all day. Improve your eating habits with custom-made meal plans, and our plant-based dietary supplements.
No more guess work with our genetic testing services now you can achieve your health and wellness goals with more accuracy and precision by keeping track of it all on your mobile device.
Find this and much more with
GeneWorks Energy Nutrition™ – Functional nutrition that works!

Empowerment ®

Nothing is ever achieved successfully without set goals, progress tracking and the right motivation. Find all the inspiration you need to achieve your goals, track your progress via email, view weekly personal progress charts, get articles and health news delivered to your inbox –All this and much more… with TrackMEFit®.